The Life History and Achievements

The Life History and Achievements

Virat Kohli Education Qualification And Centuries

Virat Kohli is one of the finest player of Indian cricket team. From the very start of his childhood, he had special devotions towards cricket. He engage with bat & ball at early stage of his life because of which he was not able to persuade his education career. This article is about Virat Kohli education qualification and his centuries list in tests and odis.

virat kohli education qualification

Virat Kohli Education Qualification

Starting with Virat Kohi education, Virat Kohli started his career with the bat in the very his childhood. He also lead the U-19 cricket team in the 2008 world cup & won the title. Due to Kohli engagement with bat & ball, he did not get much chance to persuade his education career & his educational career ended at school. Kohli starte his education in Vishal Bharti. He was later on shifted to Savier Convent. Both of these schools are in Delhi. His educational career ended when he passed 12th Grade from Vishal Bharti Public Schoool.

Because of his engagement with ball & bat, he was not able to further persuade his educational career and his educational career was ended at 12th grade which he did from Vishal Bharti Public Schoool.

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When Kohli was nine years old, after the suggestion of neighbours that he need not to waste jis time in gully cricket rather should join a professional club, his father took him to academy. Kohli was trained at the academy under the mentorship of Rajkumar Sharma. Virat was trained under the coaching of Rajkumar Sharma at academy. Kohli was shifted to Savier Coonvent in Paschim Vihar in order to help him in cricket practice. Apart from cricket, Kohli was also good at academics. Teachers had remembered him as “Bright student”.

virat kohli centuries

Virat Kohli Centuries in Tests

Virat Kohli is expected to be next cricketer who might break Sachin Tendulkar record of centuries of centuries in International cricket. Kohli game is getting day by days & there is an increment in his centuries. Below are some of Virat Kohli centuries in different format of the game against different teams.

Virat Kohli has got seventeen centuries in tests. First time he got century in tests was against Australia in 2012 where he scored 116. Last time he got century till now is against Sri-lanka in 2017 where he scored 103 runs. The table of his centuries is given below along with opponent team & his score.

2012103New Zealand
2013119South Africa
2014105New Zealand
2016200West Indies
2016211New Zealand

Virat Kohli Centuries in ODI

Virat is adding centuries to centuries in his ODI centuries list. He has till now made twenty eight centuries in ODIs. First time, he scored century in ODI was against Sri-lanka in 2009 where he scored 107 runs & India won that game. Last time he got century till now is against West Indies, where he has scored 111 runs. Below is the table of some centuries with opponent team & his score.

105New Zealand2010
154New Zealand2016
111West Indies2017

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