The Life History and Achievements

The Life History and Achievements

Rutherford B. Hayes Life History Accomplishments and Achievements

Rutherford B. Hayes was an American politician who had served as 18th President of United States of America. He became the President after the end of reconstruction era of United States. He ended the arm support which was to strength the Republican government in the south, promoted civil service reform. This article is related to Rutherford B. Hayes early life history, his various accomplishments & achievements he got in his life and presidency tenure. All the return awards for his accomplishments are also enlisted.

rutherford b hayes life history

Rutherford B. Hayes Early Life History & Education

The first portion of article will be related to Rutherford B. Hayes early life history & education. Rutherford Birchard Hayes was born on October 4, 1822. His father Rutherford Hayes, Jr was a storekeeper who died ten weeks before Rutherford birth. His mother took charge of him & his sister. Hayes started his school at common schools in delaware, Ohio. He was later enrolled at Methodist Norwalk Seminary in Ohio. Since Rutherford performance was good at school, he was transferred to The Webb School in Middletown. He studied Latin & ancient Greek. Rutherford get back to Ohio in 1838 & attended Kenyon college. He enjoyed the time living there & join several societies & became interested in politics. He was graduated in 1842 with receiving the highest honor.

In order to proceed his education, Hayes moved to east to attend Harvard law school in 1843. He was graduated in LL.B.  He opened his own law office in Lower Sandusky. In the start, his work was slow but then he got some clients. He also fought his uncle case in real estate litigation. He got sick in 1847 and doctors thought that he is suffering from TB. Doctors suggested him to change the climate & on doctor advise, he visited his family in New England.

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United States Presidency Elections 1876

Republican nominated Hayes for the Presidency campaign. His opponent was Samuel J. Tilden (Governor of New York) from Democratic party. According to the customs of that time, the election campaign was conducted by Surrogates  & both Hayes & Tilden were in their respective homes.

On November 11, 1876, after three days of election, Tilden got 184 electoral votes while Hayes got 166 votes. 19 votes of some states like Flordia, South Carloline were in doubt. Both these parties were claiming that they had won these votes but result was still undeclared because there was some kind of fraud in these states. Another votes of Oregon state was included in doubtful votes & Hayes votes were deduced to 165. Total number of doubtful votes were now 20. The matter was submitted to Electoral Commission. The commission had composed of five representatives, five senators, & five supreme court justices. There were seven representatives from Democratic & seven from Republican with David David as neutral to both. There were some up & down in members balancing due to senate election.  Eight Republican had awarded all twenty votes of Hayes. Democratic were outrage by the decision. A negotiation was held between these two parties. Hayes was elected & President.

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Rutherford B. Hayes Accomplishments and Achievements

The most important job in United States is the job of President. Rutherford B. Hayes was the 19th president of US & he played a key role in the reconstruction. Below are some of the biggest accomplishments & achievements got by Rutherford which distinguished him from other & played a major role in the construction of the country.

War Hero

Rutherford B. Hayes was more than a politician. He played a very key role for the union after the Civil war began. He got wounded in the battle after his promotion to major general. He always remained devoted and committed to his work.

Foreign Policy

Hayes made those foreign policies that were peaceful & great for the people of country. His policies made it simpler for immigrants to access the country. All the policies led US to have peace.

Reconstruction End

Hayes biggest accomplishment was the dismantling of the reconstruction that had begun in the southern states which were lost in war. Many were against the reconstruction & probably Hayes was the biggest reason that is why reconstruction did not last for long & ended soon.

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Economy of the Country

Hayes not only ended the reconstruction but he also took the matter of economy of country seriously. His steps led to an act that is termed as “Bland-Allison Act” which was related to gold. Hayes presented his view that the only way to keep economy of the country stable & prosper is to maintain the status of gold. Hayes was a big reason for enhancing the economy of his country. He was among the presidents who took matter of economy seriously.

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