The Life History and Achievements

The Life History and Achievements

Jimmy Carter Life History Accomplishments Achievements Awards

Jimmy Carter, nomination of peace Noble award in 2002 for restoring the faith of citizens & making USA a sign of peace. He is the 39th President of United States of America. Jimmy Carter distinguished himself from other because of being publicly active. His early life history, various accomplishments & achievements he got during his life especially in his presidency tenure & in return various awards he got for his excellence will be discuss in this article.

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Jimmy Carter Early Life History & Education

First going into Jimmy Carter early life history & education, Carter was born on October 1, 1924 in Georgia. His father ran a general store was had invested in farmland & was a successful local businessman. Many generation of jimmy carter lived as cotton farmer. From 1937 to 1941, Carter attended Plains high school. From the very start of his education, he was a decent student. During his school days, he also played for his Plains High school basketball team. Jimmy Carter from the very his childhood had dream of joining U.S Naval Academy in Annapolis. For his undergraduate studies, he took admission in Engineering at Georgia Southwestern College. In the upcoming years, Jimmy Carter was transferred to Atlanta where he got the chance to get admission in Naval academy in 1943. In 1946, Carter completed his graduation. He was number 60th out of 820 midshipmen & got Bachelor of Science degree. Carter was married to  Rosalynn Smith in 1946. During his deployment in Atlantic & Pacific fleets, he &  Rosalynn Smith lived at various places like Hawaii, Connecticut. Carter started officer training & submarine duty & was promoted to lieutenant in 1949.

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Governor of Georgia (1971-1975)

Carter was selected as 76th Governor of Georgia on January 12, 1971 which is a big accomplishment in his life history. He clearly declared in his speech that from now on wards, No Poor, rural, weak, or any black person will have to bear the extra burden nor they will be deprived of education. Carter performed reforms through legislation in order to provide aid to school in Georgia, setting up centers for mentally handicapped children, & also increased education plate form for convicts. All of the appointments of judges & government officials was totally on the base of merit rather political influence.

1976 Presidential Campaign

When Jimmy Carter entered into Democratic party in 1976, he has got very low chances against the better-known Politicians of the country. He was the first choice of only four percents of Democratic voters. In March 1976, he led former President Gerald Ford by few points. Since the scandal of Richard Nixon was fresh in voters mind, Carter published Why Not the Best? This helped in introducing him to people. Carter has selected Senator Walter F. Mondale. Jimmy Carter & Gerald Ford faced each other three times on Television debates. The Presidency election result was very close. Carter won the election campaign by 50.1% votes while Gerald Ford got 48% votes.

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Jimmy Carter Accomplishments & Achievements as Governor President

Jimmy Carter has a big dream of joining the U.S navy. From the very start of his life, he worked hard to accomplish his dream. He secure several achievements in Navy. Here are all the Jimmy Carter accomplishments & achievements, which he secured throughout his life history.

  • While working under legendary Adm in Navy, Carter helped to developed a Nuclear Powered Navy.
  • After the death of his father Earl, Carter left the U.S Navy. He died because of Pancreatic cancer. Carter of Georgia House of Representatives member. In 1962, Carter accomplished the achievement of selected the Georgia Senate. He continued his efforts with hard work & dedication to become the Governor of Georgia in 1971. Later in 1976, after a big competition with Gerald Ford, he became the 39th President of United States of America.
  • In order to produce the camp David Accord, he started negotiations between Israel Prime Minister & Egyption President. According to this Accord, Israel has agreed to return the Egyption territory which was conquered in 1973. In return, Egypt has extended diplomatic recognition over Israel. Both of them got Noble prize for this work.
  • Jimmy Carter & his wife founded the Carter center in 1982 in partnership with Emory University. The basic purpose of this center was to advance health & peace world wide. The was a big accomplishment of Jimmy Carter because it has presented in his report that this center has helped more than 80 countries by resolving various conflicts, advancement of democracy, human rights, prevention of various diseases, & the most important guidelines have been given to farmers on how to increase crop production.
  • This center also reported that it has done tremendous in helping victims of Guinea worm disease.It reported that 3.5 Million people were effected of this disease in 1986 which numbers were reduced to 126 in 2014. This is a tremendous work in healing its victims. This center has also faced 100 elections in 38 countries.
  • In 1998, Jimmy Carter was among the five activists who had received United Nations Human Rights Prize. This is a big achievement for Jimmy Carter for his excellence to his work.
  • Jimmy Carter & his wife have received Presidential Medal of Freedom which is the highest civilian honor by the U.S government.

Bill Clinton while presenting the award quoted that

Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter have done more good things to more people in more places than any other couple on the face of earth.

  • For finding solutions to International Peace conflicts, Jimmy Carter was awarded with Noble Peace Prize in 2002.

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