The Life History and Achievements

The Life History and Achievements

James Madison Life History Accomplishments Achievements & Awards

James Madison was an American statesman & a politician who had served as the fourth President of United States of American from 1809-1817. He is formerly known as “Father of the Constitution” for his contribution in promoting the United States Constitution & Bill of Rights. This article is related to James Madison early life history, his education, various accomplishments & achievements he got during his Presidency & in return various awards he got for his excellence.

james madison life history

James Madison Life History & Education

Starting with the early life history, James Madison Jr was born on March 16, 1751 in Virginia. He was the oldest among other eleven siblings. He had seven brothers &  four sisters. Three of four brother of James Madison had died infants. His father James Madison Sr was a tobacco planter who had grew up on a plantation. Later on, his father had acquired more property & slave & became the largest landowner.

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James Madison studied from Donald Robertson who was an instructor in Virginia. Robert was a scottish teacher who had taught to a number of plantation families. James Madison had learnt Mathematics, Geography, modern & classical languages from Robertson.  James became much proficient in Latin & he has attributed all of his skills to Robertson. Madison got back when he was 16 years to Montpelier. Madison attended the college of New Jersey (currently known as Princerton University). The poet (Philip Freneau) became his roommate & close friend.  He got graduated in 1771. The major subjects he studied were Latin, Greek, Science, Geography, Mathematics, & Philosophy. After his graduation, Madison remained at the university & studied & studied Hebrew & Political Philosophy in which he became quite fluent.

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James Madison Presidential Campaign 1808

After the retirement of Jefferson, Madison became the strong choice for the Presidency elections. The opponent was John Randolph. Madison was selected by Republicans for Presidency elections through caucus. Madison had easily beat his opponent & won the Presidency elections.

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James Madison Accomplishments & Achievements

James Madison is basically known as “Father of the Constitution” for his major role in promoting the US constitution & Bill of Rights. Below are the some of James Madison accomplishments & achievements which he got during his life & presidency tenure.

  • James Madison proposed Virginia Plan became the integral part of current American constitution which resulted in his name “Father of the Constitution”. He also wrote Federalist papers along with John Jay. He presented several amendments to the constitution granting rights, freedom of speech, protection against searches which are unreasonable. These amendments lead to “Bill of Rights”.
  • Democratic Republican party was found in 1791 by James Madison & Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson became the President of United States of America in 1802 & James Madison served as his Secretary of state. He helped Jefferson in  extending the border of America in to past the Mississippi.
  • James Madison became President in 1809 & he served America with devotion & hard work. He guided America during 1812 aforementioned War which is a big accomplishment of James Madison.
  • James founded American Colonization Society whose ultimate goal was to return the slaves back to Africa in 1816. Although Madison was died in 1835, this party kept on completing its goal which resulted in creation of African Nation of Liberia in 1847.

James Madison Facts

  • James Madison was the smallest US President.
  • He was the first graduate of Princeton University.
  • He had rivalry with Patrick Henry.
  • He is known for “Bills of Rights” but when he was giving this, he was opposed.
  • During his Presidency, both his Vice Presidents died in office.

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