The Life History and Achievements

The Life History and Achievements

Gerald Ford Life History Accomplishments Achievements & awards

Gerald Ford was an American politician who had served as an 38th president of United States of America starting from 1974 to 1977. After the resignation of Richard Nixon, he was elected for Presidency. Gerald Ford was the first person who was elected as vice president under the 25th amendment. This article will be related to Gerald Ford early life history, various achievements & accomplishments he got during his presidency tenure & in return various awards for which he was nominated will be discuss in this article.

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Gerald Ford Early Life History

Starting with the early life history, Gerald Ford was born on 14 July, 1913 in Omaha, Nebraska. His father Leslie Lynch Sr was a wool trader.Ford got admission in Grand Rapids  High School where was also captain of football team & a brilliant athlete. Ford got admission in University of Michigan for undergraduate study. During his study tenure, he washes dishes in order to complete college expenses. Jerald Ford was selected for the Eastern team at San Francisco. This game was played on January 1, 1935. Ford got Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics in 1935. Gerald Ford was offered by various National Football leagues but he turned down all of them, & took the job as boxing coach in 1935. He also applied for law school where he was first denied because of his full responsibilities as a coach. In 1938, Ford was selected in Yale law school which is a great achievement in his life history because he got LL.B degree later in 1941.

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Gerald Ford Marriage

Gerald Ford married Elizabeth Bloomer Warren in 1948. She was a department store fashion consultant. Ford had four children named Micheal Ford, John Gardner, Steven Meigs, Susan Elizabeth.

Gerald Ford Presidency tenure (1974-1977)

When Richard Nixon resigned in 1974, Ford was the only person assume for the seat of presidency. After taking the oath in the East room in White house, Ford spoke to the nation in a broadcast speech to the nation. Ford states that

You have not elected me as your president by your ballots, and I ask you to confirm me as your president through your prayers.

Ford further stated to the nation,

Those who confirmed me as president were my friends & are my friends. They were from both parties & were selected by the people & were acting under constitution in their name. I will be the president of all the people.

Ford further states

Long national nightmare has over now. Constitution is working & current republic government is not of men but of law.

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Gerald Ford Accomplishments as president

Gerald Ford although remained president for small span of time. The time conditions were not that much that he could be able to distinguish himself in foreign policy. Major accomplishments & achievements which he got during his presidency tenure are listed below.

  • Gerald Ford has got major accomplishment of signing the Helsinki agreement in 1975. This was basically the continuity of policy of detente that had been started by former president Richard Nixon.

According to this policy, US has agreed to recognized the Soviet Union control over Eastern Europe & its legitimacy.

  • The signing of Helsinki agreement was the reason for the peace between these two countries & it has been consider as big accomplishment of Gerald Ford in his presidency life history.
  • Gerald Ford emphasize Israel & Egypt to enhance their relationships. He asked Isreal to come & discuss issues with Egypt regarding Sinai Peninsula.
  • On september 8, 1974, Ford issued proclamation which gave Richard Nixon pardon for any crime if he has committed during his presidency tenure for United States of America. The pardon given by Ford might be due to friendship with Nixon. Ford also appeared in from on Congress in 1974 to give testimony.
  • Ford had got a big achievement of establishing special education throughout US.

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Gerald Ford Achievements & Awards

Although Gerald Ford presidency tenure was not long, yet whatever he has got for his performance as an president, vice president, in the form of different awards and achievements are listed below.

  • Gerald Ford was recipient of different awards during World War II.
  • In 1992, Ford was awarded with Lone sailor award by U.S navy for his naval service.
  • For his pardon of Richard Nixon, Ford was awarded John F Kennedy award in 2001.

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