The Life History and Achievements

The Life History and Achievements

George W Bush Life History Accomplishments Achievements & Awards

George Walker Bush is an American Politician who had served as 43rd President of United States of America from 2001-2009. He was also the 46th Governor of Texas from 1995-2000. George W Bush started working in oil industry after his graduation. He graduated from Harvad business school in 1975. This article will be related to George W Bush early life history, early education, his presidency tenure, various accomplishments & achievements & achievements which he got during his presidency tenure & as a result various awards which he got for his excellence.

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George W Bush Life History & Education

The first portion of article will be related to George W Bush early life history & education. George W Bush was born on July 6, 1946. He was raised in Texas. Bush got political environment in his home as his Grandfather was a U.S senator & his father George H.W Bush was Ronald Reagan Vice President from 1981-1989. He was also the U.S president from 1989-1993. Bush started his education at public school in Texas. He spent two years at The Kinkaid School. He attended his high school at Phillips Academy in Andover Massachusetts where he was also head cheerleader. Bush got Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Yale University ranging from 1964-1968. He was also member of bones & skull society during his senior year. Bush himself has characterized him as average student. His GPA was 77. In 1973, he attended Harvard Business school where he got M.B.A degree. Bush distinguished himself from other U.S Presidents in being the only President who holds M.B.A degree.

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George W Bush Presidential Campaign 2000

Bush was Texas Governor in 1999 when he announced that he will be taking part in U.S Presidency elections. The major issues on which he emphasized during his election campaign were

  • Bringing integrity & honor back to white house.
  • Increasing size of U.S arm forces.
  • Cutting taxes.
  • Improvement in education.
  • Giving rights to minorities.

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Bush selected Dick Cheney to his running mate for his Presidency campaign. Both of them were officially nominated by Republican Party. Bush won 29 states including Flordia. The results of Flordia were recounted for three times & Bush won by margin of 537 votes. Almost six millions votes had been cast. Bush became the first U.S President who had won the U.S Presidency election with less popular votes than other candidates.

In 2004 Presidency elections, Bush got 31 out of 50 states seats & received 286 electoral votes. Bush won with 50.7% votes while opponent got 48.3% votes.

george w bush accomplishments achievements

George W Bush Accomplishments & Achievements as President

First Republican President to Serve two full terms

Bush became the first Republican President who has served America in two full terms. No Republican President has done this before.

Biggest Tax Cut

During the Bush Presidency campaign, Bush promised to cut down the taxes. He did it after being elected as U.S President. The biggest accomplishment of Bush happen when President Barack Obama agreed to make Bush tax cut permanent.

Congress took action in order to reduce Government spending

House & Senate both agreed on a decision to cut the government spending & keep government in line. This is the first time in history that government spending have been reduced to a large extend by congress.

Permanent of Tax Relief

For better economy & prosperity of country, the workers has to get more of their earning & there should be cut in taxes. Bush asked Congress to make tax relief permanent.

Signed first National Energy Plan

The energy plan made tremendous commitment to energy conversation by the promotion of smarter technologies. It also helped to make better use of existing energy resources. This step is a very good initiative for affordable supply of energy for people of America.

Signed Highway Bill

President George W Bush has got big accomplishment of signing the highway bill, which will provide funding in order to modernize the network of roads, bridges, etc. It will also enhance in making the driving easier & efficient.

Nomination of qualified people for U.S Supreme Court

Bush has got a big accomplishment of nominating highly qualified candidates for the seats of Supreme court. During his presidency tenure, people of America have seen highly experienced & talented people in Supreme Court.

  • Patient safety & quality improvement act was signed by George W Bush in 2005 which will help in lowering of costs for patients.

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