The Life History and Achievements

The Life History and Achievements

Eric Hartter: Biography of Whitney Scott Mathers Biological Father

If you are a fan of Eminem, You probably have heard, or have known a lot about Eminem’s daughter Whitney Scott.but you will be amazed to when the truth is reveal to you that Whitney Scott is not the biological daughter of Eminem’s but she is the adopted daughter of Eminem. Whitney Scott Mathers was Born as Whitney Hartter from mother Kim and father Eric Hartter. This article is about Whitney Scott Mathers Biological father Eric Hartter life history, biography.

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Eric Hartter is the biological father of Whitney Scott Mathers. Those who were near to Eri Hartter said that he was quite troublesome man.

Eric Hartter is the Biological Father of Whitney Scott Mathers

Though Whitney Scott Mathers has spent all of her life being the Eminem’s daughter but Eminem is not the biological father of Whitney. Whitney is the adopted daughter of Eminem’s. Though Eric Hartter is the biological father but he has not spend as such time with his daughter. He was run for drug charges & police was looking for him everywhere. Even during the birth of his daughter, he couldn’t make it to the hospital.

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Despite Eric being a real father, his name wasn’t in Whitney’s birth certificate. Kim being a single mother could not raise her alone. When Eric asked to see his daughter in the phone conversation with Kim, Kim denied his request, She said

“ Just take me to court if you want to see her. Take me to court. “

He could have requested the court for a paternity test, which would prove him being Whitney’s real father and that could give him visitation rights, but the situation wasn’t that simple at that moment because Eric was on the run from the law.

Clint Rice, a Warrant Officer of the St. Care Shores Police Department was given duty of bringing Eric Hartter to Police Custody. Warrant Officer Clint Rice says

“Eric Hartter is wanted on a felony warrant from our city for possession with intent to deliver drugs, resting and obstructing an officer, operating when impaired, and also giving a false identification to a police officer”

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