The Life History and Achievements

The Life History and Achievements

Donald Trump Life History Accomplishments Achievements Awards

Donald Trump is the 45th President of United States of America. He is a businessman & a television personality. He won the general elections in November, 2016 against Hillary Clinton. That was really a surprise victory. Donald Trump political position has been commented as populist, nationalist by different scholars. Trump has got a big life achievements & accomplishments as presidnet. This article will be related to his early life history, his various achievements & accomplishments including as a president & after election & in return various awards he got for his excellence. Since his Presidency tenure has not been too long yet but whatever he has achieved till now will be discuss.

Donald Trump Life history

Donald Trump Early Life History

The first article will be related to early life history of Donald Trump. Donald Trump was born on 14 June, 1946 in New York City. Trump got his early education at kindergarten upto Grade 7. When he was 13 years old, his parents enrolled him in New York Military Academy which was located in New York. This school was providing the facility of boarding. In August, 1964, Trump was enrolled in Fordham University & after two year, he was transferred to Warton School.  Warton School was one of the few institutes of US at that time, which was offering real estate studies departments. Trump started Real Estate Business at his Father company. During his undergraduate studies, he along with his Father worked on the company which resulted in boosting the occupancy rates from 66% to 100%. Trump was promoted to the President of Company in 1970. He renamed Company to The Trump Organization. Trump has first time in his history consummated his major real estate deal in which he has purchased a half share in a hotel that had been funded by $70 million construction. This hotel was reopened as Grand Hyatt Hotel & was located next to Grand Central Terminal.

Trump said that He was a Wise guy & his parents wanted him to be in line.

In 1978, Trump finished the negotiations to develop the Trump tower. It was located in Midtown Manhattan which consist of 58 stories.  The construction was completed in 1983. This tower was the setting for the NBC television show. Trump has acquired the historic Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida in 1985 for $5 Millions. This estate was built in 1924 to 1927. Donald Trump has converted it into private club for the membership fee of $150,000. In 1989, Trump had bought 727 planes in order to make Trump Air Shuttle service. Unfortunately, one of the helicopter was crashed resulted in death of 3 executives which has caused a big issue at that time.

Some Up & Downs In Trump Business History

In 1989, due to poor business decisions, Trump business was unable to meet the required loan payment. The increase in debt has brought him to Business bankruptcy. Trump hotels & casino have been six times declared as bankrupt in between 1991 & 2009. The reason for them was to re-negotiate debts with banks & owners of stock. The termed used by Business was Chapter 11 bankruptcy, so their business were allow during negotiation process. The bankruptcies were the result of Hotel & casino in Atlantic & New York city which include Tump Taj Mahal, Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino, Trump Castle Hotel & Casino etc. In 1996, Trump got the ownership of Miss universe organization. In 2003, Trump became the joint partner with National Broadcasting Company. He was awarded with the post of executive producer & also the host of NBC reality show. Trump produced the show “The Celebrity Apprentice” along with British TV producer.

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In 2004, Trump hotels declared a restructuring of its debt which resulted in a big decrease of individual ownership from 56 percent to 27 percent. The Trump company had then applied for Chapter 11 Protection & then that company was reemerged from bankruptcy. That was named as “Trump Entertainment Resorts Holdings”. After that, Donald name was marketed on various products like “Trump Restaurants”, “Trump Entrepreneur initiative”, etc. Trump also received $1.5 Millions for the every one hour presentation he does for “The Learning Annex”. There was another business simulation game that was named as “Donald Trump’s Real Estate Tycoon”.

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Donald Trump in WWE

Trump is a big WWE fan & during 1988-1989, he has hosted WrestleMania IV, & V at Boardwalk hall. Trump is a friend of WWE chairman Vince McMahon. Trump remained active in many WWE shows. A famous incident happened during WrestleMania 23 in a match that was called as “The Battle of the Billionaires” in which both Trump & McMahon were in opposite sides & they had placed a condition that whoever side lost will have to shave their head. In that game, Trump corner won & McMahon had to shave his head.

Donald Trump political career

One of the the best portion of Trump life history is starting of his political career. Donald Trump in 2000 elections expressed his wish to contest for US presidency elections as an third party candidate. Trump has speculated for running for President in Republican party between 2004 & 2008. He has registered himself as an Republican in 2009 & then campaigned for it. Donald Trump involvement in politics got intensified after his announcement that he will consider himself as a candidate for US presidency elections. Trump political position was bit disturb because of his association with “Birther Issue”. Trump continued to be against Barack Obama on various political issues.

Donald Trump Presidential Campaign, 2016

In June 2015, Donald Trump announced that he is going to contest for Presidency elections as an Republican. Trump has got a successful life history in business & media presence. His life achievements & accomplishments made him the best candidate from Republican & they selected Trump as the candidate from Republican. Trump started his campaign against his political opponent Hillary Clinton. The major focus of Trump during his campaign was on domestic issues like illegal immigration, crime, offshoring of American jobs, & U.S national debt. Trump has present the slogan of “Make America Great Again” throughout his election campaign. Many of the points explained by Trump received criticism. Trump was accused of lying during his election speeches & has received many negative backlash from many major publications like Politico, The New York Times, etc. Trump campaign had somehow controversial stories too. He was criticized by media for some of his speeches & words. Despite of all the negative blacklashes & criticism he faced, Trump got the life achievement in his history of getting victory in Presidential election 2016 in which he beat Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump Achievements & Awards

Donald Trump Awards & Achievements

Although Donald Trump remained the successful business & in Media, he achieved numerous success in Politics too. Here are some of the Trump life achievements & awards he got for his excellence.

  • Donald Trump was nominated for Primetime Emmy for “The Apprentice” in 2005.
  • For his contribution to television, Donald trump was awarded with the Star on Walk of the Fame.
  • Donald Trump was included in the celebrity wing of WWE Hall of fame for his contribution in promotion of WWE shows in 2013.
  • In 1995, Trump was awarded with Gaming Hall of Fame Award.
  • Trump got Muhammad Ali entrepreneur award in 2007.
  • Donald Trump was given honorary doctorate business administration by Robert Gordon University in 2010. This is a big life achievement for Trump.
  • Donald got Ride of Fame award in 2010.
  • Trump achievement was to be included into New Jersey Hall of Fame.
  • Trump has got life achievement of getting the award of Time Person of the Year 2016. He was also given Financial times person of the year 2016.

Donald Trump accomplishments as president

Donald Trump Accomplishments as president

This portion will be related to Donald Trump accomplishments as president of United States of America. Donald Trump has started getting numerous accomplishments after joining the White House. A statement has been passed by one of the Senior Policy Adviser that Trump has got so much accomplishments in his first three weeks of presidency that other presidents have not got them in their whole presidency tenure. In a speech, Trump addressed to people & said that one by one, we are completing those promises we made with people of America. Since Trump had made many claims, so here is the list of all those accomplishments Trump made till now in his presidency tenure.

Withdrawing from TPP

Trump during his election campaign promised to withdraw from Trans-specific Partnership. TPP is a massive deal between US & 11 Pacific Countries. The supporters of Trump have admired the decision of Donald Trump. It has been called as one of the pivotal moments in modern American history by Steve Bannon. This decision has received a great criticism from Republicans. It has been called as serious mistake to withdraw from the trade deal by many celebrities.

Green Light for Pipelines

The construction for final section of Dakota access pipelines has been started after Trump signed a presidential memorandum to clear the way for Dakota access pipelines. Construction on these pipelines have now been resumed which one another Trump accomplishment being a president. The keystone project which was opposed by Obama administration is also expected to resume but it will take a long time because the opposition to this project is expected. Meanwhile, experts have presented their view that none of the pipelines will create as much jobs as they are promising about them.

The Wall | Donald Trump on Immigration

During the election Campaign, Trump promised that he will make a wall along the U.S border with Mexico. This was the most priority during election campaign & Trump has emphasize too much on this issue. Another accomplishment from Trump lies in the construction of this wall. The overall cost for this wall is about $12 to $15 Billions & Republicans will have to pay this much for the construction of this wall. Another question arise is that what will be the design of this wall? Different views have been presented about the design of wall that is going to build. The overall design of wall will depend on how much Congress will invest on it.

Supreme Court

Another accomplishment from Trump is the selection of Neil Gorsuch for the open seat of Supreme Court. During the election campaign, Trump promised to put conservative judges on Supreme Court. This is one of the big achievement Trump has got after joining the White House.

There is another issue in Neil Gorsuch selection for Supreme Court open seat. If he got selected for the supreme court seat, then he will help Trump on several issues among them immigration issue is the biggest one.

Foreign Policy | Another Trump Accomplishment

As far as foreign policy is concern, a list of three items from white house as an accomplishments have been included in Donald Trump first month of presidency. During the presidency election campaign, it was said that renegotiation will be made with Iran in nuclear deal.

Repeal & Replace

Trump signed an executive order in which he directed the federal agencies to minimize the unwarranted burden of the affordable care act. In contrast to Trump policy, Congress came up with the plan of Obama signature health care law.

Donald Trump achieved another accomplishment by putting federal hiring freeze in place after becoming the president. This is a big achievement because it will shrink the government people & will stop more people adding into the government.

Cut Two Regulations for Every New One | Ordered to Federal Agencies

Donald Trump has ordered the federal agencies to cut the two regulations for every new one that have been proposed. This will not only help in lowering the regulations but also the net cost will be zero. As soon as new regulation has been added, two regulations will be cut down & this will help in balancing the regulations. It will help American people to bear the burden of regulations & will help in economy. Its also a big accomplishment to keep the net regulations zero.

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