The Life History and Achievements

The Life History and Achievements

Calvin Coolidge Life History Accomplishments Achievements & Awards

Calvin Coolidge was an Republican lawyer who served as 30th President of United States of America. His response to the Boston Police Strike in 1919 gave him a title of a “Man of decision action”. This article is related to Calvin Coolidge early life history, education, various accomplishments & achievements he has got during his presidency tenure.

Calvin Coolidge Life History

Calvin Coolidge Life History And Education

The first portion of article will be related to Calvin early life history. John Calvin Coolidge was born on July 4, 1872 in Vermont. He is the only US President who had born on independence day. His father John Calvin Coolidge Sr was in many occupations but his overall reputation was as a prosper farmer, a public servant, and a store keeper. Coolidge mother was the daughter of a Plymouth Notch farmer. She died probably because of TB when Coolidge was twelve. His younger sister had also died when he was eighteen probably because of appendicitis. His father remarried in 1891 to a school teacher. His family had got roots in England. Many of John Calvin ancestors were farmers & some cousins were prominent in politics.

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Coolidge got admission in Black River Academy & then St. Johnsbury Academy. Later on, he got enrolled in Amherst Academy where he distinguished himself from others in debate. After his graduation, he moved to Northampton. Massachusetts in order to become lawyer. Coolidge started the practice with local firm in order to avoid the expensive law college fees. With some savings & inheritance from the grandfather, John Calvin opened his own office in Northampton in 1898. He gave his best to make clients satisfy. With his build up reputation, local banks had started taking his services in various issues.

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Calvin Coolidge Accomplishments Achievements

Calvin Coolidge Accomplishments And Achievements

Calvin Coolidge is known as “Salient Cal”. He was basically Vice President but due to passing of President Harding, Calvin was elected as President of US. Coolidge did not want to be president for second term but that does not mean that his first term is not successful. He made significant reforms & upgrades in business & taxes. Below are some of the accomplishments of Coolidge which he got during his Presidency tenure.

Coolidge dealing with the Boston Police Strike

Coolidge get the major attention of nation for his dealing with the Boston Police Strike. There was a strike from Boston police because commission was not allowing them to become unionized with the federation of labor. Coolidge considered the matter seriously & came to a result.

Immigration Restriction

After the passing of President Harding, Calvin Coolidge became the president. Immigration act was given according to which all the immigrations in the Southern & Eastern European countries would be stopped.

Coolidge understanding of the Civil Rights

Coolidge was among the several leaders who consider Civil Rights.  He made a large movement in government offices. The acknowledgment of civil right resulted in jobs for African  Americans. Coolidge gave Indian Citizenship Act in 1924 according to which he gave citizenship to all the native American who are resident in United States.

Ban on Alcohol

In 1920, many regulations were passed like banning of alcohol, etc. Many historians appreciated the ideology build by him for the benefit of the entire nation.

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