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The Life History and Achievements

Alaina Marie Mathers Eminem Adopted Daughter Life History

Many people are unaware of how many children does Eminem really have? Actually Eminem has got three daughters which he is raising with as much devotion as he can. The story how Eminem has adopted Alaina Marie Mathers is quite complex. Alaina Marie Mathers is the daughter of Kim Mathers’s twin sister named as Dawn Scott. Kim is the wife of famous singer Eminem.This article is about Eminem adopted Daughter Alaina Maire Mathers life history, facts, and how Eminem adopted her.

alaina marie mathers eminem adopted daughter

Alaina Marie Mathers Life History And Facts

Alaina Marie Mathers was born on 3 May, 1993. Her original named was Amanda Marie Scott. Her mother name is Dawn Scott. She was the twin sister of Eminem ex-wife Kim Scott. They were born on January 9, 1975. They had to pass through many difficult circumstances during the early years of their life.

In 2000’s, when Eminem had gained fame, he adopted Amanda Scott & changed her name to Alaina Marie Mathers. The adoption was probably due to Dawn;s drug addiction. He raised Alaina along with his own biological sisters.

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Alaina mother, Dawn Scott was died in January, 2016 due to heroin overdose. She was found dead in her home. When she was dead, her twin sister Kim had written some words for her saying

“I kept a light lit for her hoping she’d find her way back to me. I miss her and love her more than anything I could ever say. I wish she was here so I could hug her and tell her I love her. Half of me is gone and I will never feel whole again. She made me laugh and kept me on my toes. She was the best sister and friend in the world and I will miss her until we are together again.”

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Alaina Marie Mathers: 8 Facts You Need To Know

Although Alaina was raised as Hailie’s sister, she is actually her cousin. She has also got another cousin as well as sister named Whitney Scott Mathers. Whitney Scott Mathers was born on April 16, 2002. She is the daughter of Kim Scott. Below are some facts about Eminem adopted daughter Alaina Marie Mathers.

  • Alaina Marie Mathers Age: She was born on May 3, 1993. She is now about 23 years old.
  • Alaina is not her original name: When Alaina was adopted by Eminem in 2000, her registered named was Amanda Marie Scott. Once Eminem had adopted Marie Scott, he changed her named to Alaina. She is often addressed by her nicked name “Lainey”.
  • Both her biological mothers, Dawn Scott & Kimberly Scott (Eminem’s ex-wife) were twin sisters who were born on January 9, 1975. They were grew up in very difficult circumstances in Michigan.
  • Many of the people in Eminem’s life had problems with chemical dependency including Eminem’s himself.Alaina Marie Mathers mother Dawn had also a history of drug abuse. She was also known to abuse many dangerous narcotics including heroin.
  • She has also two sisters: After becoming the part of Eminem family, Alaina Maire Mathers has inherited two sisters & these two girls have been called as Eminem’s daughters by the media. The first daughter recognized is Hailie Jade Scott Mathers who was born in 1995 & is Eminem’s biological daughter. The second is Whitney Scott Mathers, who is Kimberly Scott’s biological daughter. So actually, Alaina is biological cousin to both Hailie and Whitney.
  • There is Eminem’s half brother, Nathan Kane Samara who was born to Eminem’s mother, Deborah in 1986. He lives with his older brother in the same house.
  • Eminem has been noted as a devoted family man. He is committed to raise all his three daughters & half brother with the best he can.
  • Alaina Marie Mathers Net Worth: No one can really tell about Alaina net worth as Eminem keep all his family matters out of the media as much as possible. If we talk about Eminem net worth, his net worth is approximately $170 million.

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